Bloggers: Always Date Your Posts!

One of my (many) pet peeves is blog posts or articles that don’t have a date on them. The world of technology moves quickly, and technical articles can very quickly become obsolete.

Recently I was implementing Stripe payment support on a website I run, and was looking for articles explaining how to use it with C#. A google search produced plenty of articles, however it quickly became apparent that the Stripe API had changed in the last few months, and therefore anything written more than 3 months prior was obsolete.

Google makes it easy to identify old articles: it shows the date in the search results, allowing you to skip over the article.

google dates

Yet despite this, I still frequently come across blog posts and technical articles that don’t contain a date.

PLEASE: Always date your posts so we don’t have to waste time reading them to find out if what you are saying is still relavent, or has become obsolete.

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