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Gavin Coates is a Software Engineer from Southwest Scotland. Gavin has over 10 years experience with web development technologies, including PHP and ASP.NET. Over the last 5 years, Gavin has standardised on the .NET development stack, using ASP.NET MVC, Entity Framework and Linq.

Gavin is also a keen traveller, and has a passion for aviation. When not stuck in front of a computer, Gavin can be found exploring a faraway land, experiencing a new culture.


I currently develop using the following technologies:

  • C#
  • Entity Framework with Linq

I have previously used PHP.

I also spent 4 years working in the Oil & Gas industry, creating subsea control systems. This involved using a custom, XML based logic language, along with ICONICS SCADA, and standard industrial automation protocols such as OPC and Modbus.



ITADCollect is a Software as a Service (SaaS) system that I developed aimed at the IT Asset Disposal industry. ITADCollect Provides the traceability of assets that many industry certifications and clients require.


This is a personal project of mine, to develop a website for plane spotters. The website features a large MS SQL database of current and historical aircraft registrations, and allows the user to record the aircraft they have seen, and upload any images they have taken. The site uses ASP.NET MVC.


Ornavi started off as an internal system I developed to help the company keep track of all jobs, and provide traceability of parts used and orders placed. Originally written in PHP, this was later re-written in ASP.NET MVC, and launched as a cloud based solution aimed at similar businesses to the company.


Through my former employer, I developed a number of  other web based systems for various high profile clients such as Nissan, Pirelli and Helix, mainly for internal use. This has seen me involved in the full application lifecycle, from requirements analysis and design, system architecture, coding, testing and finally deployment.

Through my various projects I have gained extensive knowledge of the ASP.NET stack, and gained experience in Agile development, project management, and continual deployment practices.